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The Tactical Gear plate carrier family consists of vests, hard armor and vests that also have accessories. The vests are used for tactical situations while hard armor is used for combat and other non-tactical applications. For example, I had a Vet in the military that was my friend and he had two vests that were orange colored with white dots on the back. The orange one was just used for light duty while the vest that he had was actually his personal line of personal defense equipment. In the USMC, Marine Corps there are three general types of vests and they are.

Soft armor is the standard gear that is worn by many military personnel such as police, civilians and hunters. These are the same as the vests you see everyday. Hard armor is different because it is the heavy duty vests that you see on the back of soldiers and police officers. Tactical Gear has always made sure that their products are high quality and made to withstand the rigors of extreme terrain and weather conditions as well as wear resistance from the elements. The military does not like to use heavy duty vests because they believe it takes away from the individual element that the individual soldier or sailor has to bring to the table and this is where the tactical plate carrier comes in. Today the military is more concerned with getting one piece of heavy caliber plate that has a lot of capabilities and that can be used in a wide variety of situations rather than using traditional hard armor plates.

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With the advances in technology that we have seen over the past 10 years or so, military tactical gear and other accessories such as soft armor plates have been transformed to better utilize the materials and make them more durable. This allows for a lot better protection of the person and his gear. Tactical Gear manufactures a great line of products that are high quality but also offers options for people who prefer hard armor plates. This makes it easy for everyone to find something that will work for them.