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Hard armor is used for a variety of reasons in the present day armors such as pistols, rifles and other ranged weapons, or hand guns for the M1 rifles and other rifles. It is also used by police forces and hunters to protect themselves from criminals and other individuals who would want nothing more than take them alive. Since body armor is very heavy, it can withstand many impacts. For this reason, it provides the police officers and military personnel a greater safety and less worry when they are faced with life and death situations. The police force has been using this type of body armor for quite some time and the military also has used this type of protective gear for their members.

Other applications of this material include bullet resistant vests, which provide its users with the utmost protection against shooting injuries. Soft armor is very effective in preventing handguns from penetrating even light caliber firearms. These vests are often used to carry long guns and other long ranges. This hard armor material is also used in the construction of both the ballistic vest and soft body armor inserts so that they offer their users the ultimate protection.

When purchasing the bullet proof vests, one should make sure to get a vest that has added protection against taser and stun gun attacks. Other protective capabilities of this hard armor include having the ability to withstand high pressures and impacts. One must make sure to get a vest that offers its users with the utmost ballistic capability. The higher the ballistic resistance of the vest, the better it is in terms of protection from injuries. This type of hard armor also offers its users better comfort that can be felt through the skin and muscles.